The Irish Underwater Search and Recovery Unit (IUSRU) is a charity registered in the republic of Ireland under charity number, CHY20132.


When persons go missing within our rivers, canals, lakes or around our coasts they go beyond the reach of the public and require specialist equipment and personnel to bring them home, the IUSRU is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers whos ojective is to search for missing people underwater and recover them for their families and friends so they can be given a dignified resting place.


The IUSRU was formed in January 2012 to provide a professional, dedicated and highly trained service that could carry out the task of recovering missing persons with compassion and sensitivity. In 2013 there were 91 recorded deaths through drowning in Ireland which is an improvment on 2012 with 147 deaths recorded*. The IUSRU will continue to supply this much needed service to the citizens of Ireland to ensure closure can be brought to the families of the missing.


*Source: IWS Drowning Statistics 2012 and 2013 - Link

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