The IUSRU regularly need to purchase and update their equipment and cannot do so without the generosity of the public, if you would rather purchase a piece of equipment for the IUSRU than make a cash donation then please select from the list below and get in contact with us through the Contact Us link  at the top of this page, we will then arrange the purchase of this item with you.


Palm Rescue 825 Lifejacket

Lifejackets are vital for our members when operating on or near the water during training or live searches. The “Palm Rescue 825” Lifejackets and are ideal for our needs, they are made out of Cordura 500D material meaning they are strong and long lasting, they are adjustable to suit all our members, highly visable for safety with the added extras of a knife pocket, safety whistle and leg straps.





Diving Cylinders


This year, as part of our ongoing maintenance programe, the IUSRU needs to update some of our equipment, at present we are operating using 12L and 15L cylinders, however we require more cylinders to replace some which are coming to the end of their use. The Faber 15L 232 bar diving cylinder is the industry standard cylinder and is the most widely used, it is also the most suitable to our diving operations, giving the diver the maximum amount of air available therefore giving him/her the maximum amount of diving time.




Diving Harness

In certain conditions we require different diving equipment, instead of a BCD (See Diving Equipment section for more information – Click Here) the IUSRU would like to purchase a diving harness, this is a step towards a commercial layout of our equipment and provides the diver with recovery points in case of an emergency, they are made from ultra-durable materials that are long lasting and strong. The Northern Diver R-Vest is the model most suited to our operations.




Flotation Suit

Safety is paramount during all IUSRU operations and the welfare of our members in some of the conditions that we face is of upmost importance to us. The IUSRU would like to purchase new Flotation Suits for use during training and searches, these are one piece suits which double up to provide warmth from the wind and rain and also in the event of a man overboard emergency will keep the individual afloat to aid a rescue. The Mullion Aquafloat Flotation Suit is the industry leader in fit, comfort and safety, they are long lasting and manufactured to a high standard allowing for continued use by our members.





Rugged Laptop


The IUSRU currently operates our Sonar equipment from a custom made sealed unit which houses our standard laptop and all other non-waterproof equipment, however as technology has advanced we now require to upgrade our equipment to a Rugged Laptop which can be used in all weathers and does not require protection from the elements, therefore meaning we can operate our sonar equipment in more demanding conditions and not worry about damaging expensive equipment. The Dell Latitude E6420 XFR Laptop is a Rugged Laptop that will speed up our sonar software and allow us maximum protection from the elements





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