Our Mobile Command and Support Unit is a fully modified box trailer that houses all of our equipment and a seperate office built to co-ordinate searches for missing persons.

The equipment section has been specifically designed to be able to safely store for transport all our our diving equipment and ancilliary search equipment. On average we store sufficient equipment to kit out 2 divers and a standyby diver (Including spares), 15 diving cylinders, numerous leghts of rope for co-ordinated searches, an air compressor, a generator for electricity along with all other required pieces of equipment. By storing all of this equipment within easy access inside one trailer we are able to reduce our transport costs when travelling to searches nationwide. Often space is limited at slipways and at the scene of a search so being able to operate form a self contained unit we can operate with minimal impact on, what is many times, a public area.

Our Command and Control office is where the search contoller and/or diving supervisor work from, this houses marine and VHF radios for contac with boats and crw, along with our diving communications, and will house all maps and plans of a search area. This office is where the search is co-ordinated from and allows for a sperate dry area for the co-ordinator / supervisor to carry out all paperwork and administration that comes with searches. This area is also used to review our Sonar footage after it has been recorded on the body of water, by reviewing the recorded image a second time we ensure there has been no oversights by the sonar operator and also it allows for a a second review of any anomalies found and a plan made to investigate them further through the use of Search and Recovery Divers.


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