With 91 water related deaths in 2013 and 147 in 2012*, your safety on the water is of upmost importance. Ireland is very lucky to posess some of the most beautiful waterways throughout the country and these are there to be enjoyed by our communities, however safety while on or around the water can not be ignored.

Please always wear a lifejacket, you wouldn't get in a car without putting on your seatbelt, don't go on the water without a lifejacket. A lifejacket is a simple piece of equipment that could some day save your life, its just not worth the risk.

The IUSRU does not solely focus its efforts on recovery missions, we also carry out water safety demonstartions and lectures with the public to educate them in how they can enjoy the water safely. Annualy we hold a water safety day in conjunction with Waterways Ireland as part of their "Splash Week" during the summer months, as part of this we take a group of teenagers from inner city youth projects and teach them first aid, show them our equipment and teach them all about water safety.

Whenever you are going out on the water always check the weather and check the tides, please follow the links opposite to get up to date information on todays weather and tides.

*Source: IWS Drowning Statistics 2012 and 2013 - Link